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Jeremie Cortial

Jeremie CORTIAL/ジェレミ・コルチアル
大学で、語学・現代美術を7年間専攻し、2001年に友人とアートグループ「エルショポ」を立ち上げる。主な活動は、実験的なシルクスクリーンの作成を行うプロジェクト。そのほかさまざまな種類のアート・プロジェクトを展開する。 2003年にプラハプロジェクトの招へいで札幌に滞在経験あり。日本とフランスのアート・シーン交流を目指して活動中

"Elshopo's first exhibition, 2001.
"Video loop installation, 2001.
"video conferency during an exhibition/workshop in france, 2003.
"Elshopo experimental silk screen atelier, 2003"
"Red-Rock Silk-screen performance, Tokyo Designers Block 2003, Japan"
"Print food performance, serigraphy on crepes, 2004"
"skateboard printing show at la Bifurk, Grenoble"
"Stereo-vision installation "Jelly Sect" at Space junk gallery, 2004"

1997-1999 Stendhal University: studies of language and cultures. English, Japanese
1999-2004 Fine Arts School of Grenoble. Specialisation in silk-screen and edition.

Exhibitions and events

Les singes serigraphiques. Silk screen on skateboard : performance, Grenoble
Stereoscopic installation, exibition in a forrest, Saint Ismier
Emmaus fashion show, phosphoresent serigraphy work using recycled clothes with Emmaus, Paris
Print food performance, at "l'Atelier Papareil", Grenoble,
Stereoscopic "Jelly Sect" installation, group exhibition, Space Junk gallery, Grenoble
Zone IP, exhibition of silk screen prints / diffusion of videos (La Fnac), Grenoble

Diffusion of videos Gallacton space ballet and MR Salade for Macro, Sapporo, Japan
Red-Rock Silk screen Performance, Tokyo Designers Block 2003, Japan. Thanks to a grant from IDEE.
Summer Time Festival, clay interior design, live printing in the country, Lyon
Stickers printing atelier, video conferency experiment, Ecole Superieure d'Art, Grenoble
Yoru no jikken shitsu, with Pr. Kuroda. Video conferency experiments fr/jp. Praha Art Space, Sapporo
Run an opened experimental silk screen atelier, one year long. Thanks to a grant from Genoble City.

Travel and work 6 month in Japan: Shift Prod, Praha Project, Sapporo. Thanks to a grant from Rhone-Alpes Region.

Elshopo first group exhibition, Grenoble ( www.elshopo.com )

Get the financial support of Vals-les-bains City, to built a Skatepark and organise cultural events ( www.skate07.com )
1994 Get a grant "Defi Jeunes" in Lyon to develop the Comics Magazine Famipow

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