Hyperspace Sapporo II
Project#02: the future of Sapporo
Promotional presentation at the subway passage Odori-Station
Sapporo November 1-30 2006
By S-AIR and Kamiel Verschuren
ART STREET^Hyperspace Sapporo II

Hyperspace Sapporo II / Project #02 the future of Sapporo, Promotional presentation at the subway passage Odori-Station / Texts on floor + Sound track: Kamiel Verschuren, Rotterdam(NL)

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Kamiel Verschuren
+ S-AIR Creative

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Kamiel Verschuren

From Rotterdam, The Netherlands. Born in 1968.
He has been engaged upon collaborative projects with the government with his focus on communication between cities and art, or living. In the recent years, he was offered a commission of planning a public garden outside Holland. He is active in many areas from art to cultural implementations and city planning.
* Hyperspace Sapporo II "Project #02 Futures of Sapporo" Floor text and soundtrack

Hiroko Ichihara

From Kyoto, Japan. Born in 1963.
She creates art works using words and letters with "love and laughter" as theme. She has shown works in Yokohama Triennale 2001, Art Tower Mito, Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo. Her portfolio includes "Kono Hitogomi wo Oshiwakete Hayaku Kiyagare Oji-sama",etc.
* Art of words exhibited in 27 advertising spaces in the passage.

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"Hyperspace Sapporo II" will be held in the underground passage that links two subway stations "Bus Center Mae" and "Odori-eki". This is an attempt to convert your "time" of walking along the passage to an experience of art. This time presents a moment that faces the future. For a period of one month, each passer-by will be creating his/her individual "time" by way of thinking and feeling while walking the passage.


Hyperspace Sapporo II / Project #02 the future of Sapporo, Promotional presentation at the subway passage Odori-Station

"The snow will fall again next year, and the year after, offering possibilities and experiments to fail and progress. " Kamiel Verschuren

Dear Sapporo people,

We are living on overlapped moments and it goes one by one like a frame. One of the things organizers in Sapporo can do is thinking and discussing with artists the gnowh in which we live, and make new proposals. This project encompasses the whole process from artistsf proposals to realization of the project through collaboration with people. The project does not end at its realization, but will continue after November, just like life goes on.

It is not that art exists only in museums, galleries or special outdoor exhibit spaces such as parks where sculptures are displayed, but arts are alive around us and are brought close to us by artists who live in our time. Seemingly, the artists have nothing to do with people who live in Sapporo; the way they see and think things, their enjoyment, suffering and stress, etc. are their personal matters. However, we hope that these artists and people in Sapporo will become bilaterally involved and the project will show an unexpected development.

Kamiel Verschuren started his work from the simple idea that Sapporo is a snowy city unlike other big cities in Japan. Through his work, he urges us to examine the close relationship between the rare asset (which is snow) and Sapporo. Using an analogy of a future story that lays side-by-side with the gpresenth, he puts forward this proposal by narrating hopes and delusions in a humorous but serious manner. h...in the future.......everyone will be an artist because live itself has become artistic.h Even the underground passage that is nothing out of the ordinary is a place where art is alive. The gtimeh which is usual will be converted into an art experience. This would never be a science-fiction novel or pretty words, it might be real world. The future is chosen, lived and created by you.

Hiroko Ichihara (who presents an art-work made of words in 27 ad spaces) picks up, from many different angles, human qualities that direct to positive way, and changes those qualities to words. Each person go forward to the future with realities and imaginations mixed that are contradicting each other; such as finding hope in desperation, dreaming in discontent, being cool in culmination. Among these fractions of emotion that appear all of a sudden in front of you, you will look for an emotion of someone who you donft even know. Or you will be reminded that there is someone who feels the same way. A surprise and smile with sympathy will be there. All we need 'love' in such snowy winter.

S-AIR Creative, who collaborated with Kamiel Verschuren in planning and designing of the space, temporarily provides a space where the audience that is passers-by will experience an art. This is a device to make people aware that something unusual is happening in a usual space. The passage full of words all over the place is as if looking right into your mind. While you walk through the passage, what reaction will you have towards words from the soundtrack, words written on the floor, words that come into your eyes instead of usual advertisements? After passing through, what words will spring in your mind?

The artists are staring at the city and the present time with their original viewpoints and sensitivities. And through their works of art, they are seeking for communication. We will present an opportunity of what the art will speak first in Sapporo Art Stage 2006.

Mami Odai / NPO_S-AIR

"Sapporo II_a new context for creative engagement" Kamiel Verschuren

Sapporo II is an open idea, an imaginary place, intended as a corresponding reality to the city of Sapporo. A parallel world to which everyone is invited to participate in the process of its creation, to write its narrative and reconsider our daily lives. In this world many things might look familiar or alike but nothing is solely its appearance. All things and activities could be explored for their artistic potential.

Sapporo II is also the project title of a future art manifestation set in the winter landscape of Sapporo.
Its intentions are to develop a stronger, independent artistic community. The process is to stimulate collaborations between artists and other cultural producers. The aim is to realize innovative projects engaged in the unique urban and social conditions of this snow city. These collaborative projects are not only necessary to experience the strength of collective activity, they will also help redefine or develop a new context for artistic practices.

Furthermore, this seems to be a necessity, even though the city of Sapporo is a large city (the largest city in Hokkaido, with over 2 million inhabitants, a museum for contemporary arts, galleries, universities and a few artists initiatives) the artistic climate is not very lively and possibly declining. Artists are often leaving the city to find their future careers elsewhere due to a lack of context. Anyone having a chance to work in Japan or abroad often does so and do not return to bring back their experience or implant their new found network to create this context. Another reason is that the active artists in Sapporo mostly operate as individuals, aiming at a private career imbedded in the isolated art world. Not only does this sustain the fictional competitive hierarchy, it also makes them dependent on the power structure of the art market and the fluctuating economy that provides most of the financial means for culture in Japan. This current situation makes it difficult to provide finances and continuity for the initiatives and cultural organizations to plan, maintain or even upgrade their activities.

How can we create strength, discourse and a lively artistic context to engage with the city and its community?

Snowfall is specific to the city of Sapporo and its urban and social conditions. Each year the city is covered with a white surface of frozen water that touches and engages everyone. Thousands of jobs, machines and logistics are involved to remove the snow from the streets, squares and parks. Year after year all this energy, activity and its financial implications have no other purpose then mere displacement, until now.
Could all this be different? Could the snow become an artistic material instead of waste? Can the displacement become an act of creation? A collective act of the community? A new artistic context?

Hyperspace Sapporo II
Project#02: the future of Sapporo
Promotional presentation at the subway passage Odori-Station
Sapporo November 1-30 2006
By S-AIR and Kamiel Verschuren

This promotional presentation in the Odori subway passage is used to state the ideas and aims of the future art manifestation, Sapporo II, and its possible 2nd project in the beginning of 2007.
Statements on the future of both the artistic climate in Sapporo and the position of the artist within its society, are addressing the mutual responsibility of both audience and artist.
Speaking of the possible future is used as a way to question the contemporary situation within the context of its historical developments.

In this way, it relates to the passage where people simultaneously move in opposite directions from A to B and from B to A, leaving their homes towards their jobs or visa versa. They are thinking about what to do and what they have done, where they are going and where they are coming from.
This passage places them in a position of flux, between decisions made and ones to be taken, on a path between facts and possibilities.

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